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GRS’ Martin Lemberg-Pedersen is part of a new Horizon2020 Consortium, who has received €3 million to research ’Advancing Alternative Migration Governance’

GRS’ Martin Lemberg-Pedersen is part of a new Horizon2020 Consortium, who has received €3 million to research ’Advancing Alternative Migration Governance’

Martin Lemberg-Pedersen will take part in two research packages on entry- and exit policies over the next 4 years under the title ’Advancing Alternative Migration Governance (ADMIGOV)’ and will investigate the forward-looking alternatives to European migration policy.


Migration and refugee issues are on political and public agendas around the globe. The European Union is looking for sustainable solutions, international cooperation and joint responsibility. An international consortium coordinated by the University of Amsterdam will investigate the European migration issue and provide policy advice.

The international consortium Advancing Alternative Migration Governance (ADMIGOV) will investigate the conformity of European migration policy in practice with the basic principles of the United Nations. This project has received a subsidy of €3 million under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission and has a duration of 4 years.


The international team will analyse current migration and focus on three basic situations in which EU and national policy are implemented:

  1. entry/access to the EU;
  2. leaving the EU (voluntarily or not);
  3. innovative possibilities for temporary and circular migration.

The team looks in detail at the implementation of two basic principles: the protection principle and the principle to support development goals. It also focuses on possible tensions between different policy solutions (such as the tension between protecting and controlling) as well as between existing policies and the unprecedented numbers of migrants in practice.


ADMIGOV wants to obtain insight into the current gap between the principles of policy on the one hand and its practice on the other. The aim is to develop alternative forms of migration policy that are optimally aligned with its principles and consequently contribute to a future-proof migration policy.

The scientific insights will be converted into specific recommendations, thus supporting the EU in putting the New York Declaration and the Sustainable Development Goals into practice.

Read more about the consortium here

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